In a project-based business the phone can ring & your whole day changes.  

post-production Services


Whether you need audio post or a professional voiceover for your next video or help with editing ...

You've gotta put projects in motion, get client approvals, meet deadlines, and get em out the door.

There's no such thing as a typical day—ever.     

We get what you're up against

And, the work has to be good.

One piece off kilter—can throw your whole project off track


whatever the reason

It's on you

You know exactly what you've promised your client & what you’ve gotta have to deliver the goods.  

What if you could ...


have a production partner at the ready 

With solid studio experience that you can trust & depend on—no matter how much or how little you need? 

“First rate work, as usual. Love that I can give you guys the details and count on you to take it from there.”  

- John D., agency Exec. 


a dedicated media producer to tag team your

Audio edited to your existing footage, then finalized to your platform’s specs 

Fully-mixed audio that's ready to drop in your timeline to edit your video to

Dry voice tracks you can tweak as you mix, or eq’d, compressed, denoised, & ready to go 

Customized IVR tracks and on-hold messaging that sound like your business   

Fully-produced intros, outros, and bumpers for TV shows, video series, + podcasts. 


80% of small businesses outsource to save time, grow their business, and work with experts. 

- Clutch

here's the thing

You could:

Go to one of the self-service platforms,

But your options can be limited, the work inconsistent, & vendors often ill-equipped to deliver industry-standard work. 

But you’re working on their timeline; not yours, + the meter’s running. After revisions, hidden fees, and surcharges—what will it really cost? 

But you'll need equipment, software, and then, there’s that learning curve. Plus, it takes you away from what you’d rather be doing.

Maybe, a high-dollar production house,

Or, even try to do it all yourself, 

Or, get the shortcut:

WORK in tandem 

With your own personal production studio

With broadcast-quality sound and video capabilities that make your projects shine

And a team backed by years of industry experience ...

that can meet a deadline in their sleep.

You guys keep it priced right so I can be competitive.

- Darryl M., Pro Media Producer

agencies | marketers | VIDEOGRAPHERS

Get all the experience without all the overhead.

We truly value our relationships with our clients. Many have been with us since we first opened our doors more than two decades ago &, along the way, recommended us to their colleagues, too. 

Built to serve, not to scale.

Over time, we've honed our skills + built a solid Audio & Video Ad Production source for advertisers with a smooth running, laser-focused process that serves them well. 

By concentrating our efforts where we do our best work, we provide consistent quality & service to our clients year after year. 


Years in business


Client Projects


Pro Studio Hours 

You'll get quality work—delivered on time—the way you want it.
Every time.

There's no retainer. no long-term commitments. NO MINIMUMS.

We believe if you’re happy with our work, you'll be back.


Make promises to your clients with confidence.   

For more than 25 years, we’ve made our living as media producers. We've produced work for Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, small businesses, & agencies. And teamed up on projects with other independent producers, too.

Along the way, we’ve picked up awards for radio, television, + documentary work recognized by the American Advertising Federation, the 4A’s, the Telly Awards, and the Public Relations Society of America.

Our commitment to turning around high-quality work for our clients time and again runs deep. So, when you need pro media production turned around FAST, we get crackin'.  

we've got you 

We're perfect for agencies, video producers, & growing businesses that need a partner studio they can trust and depend on for their advertising projects. 

If this sounds like you,

then we've built a small business that aligns perfectly with yours. 

let's get to work →

I’m working with a video editor. Can you coordinate with them?

Absolutely, we work with videographers + editors all the time. Many of our clients are video pros that we help with their own projects. So, we understand their unique workflow and have the tools to coordinate with them on any project. 

Frequently Asked Questions

My script's a bit rough. Can you take a look and make suggestions?

We're happy to talk with you about your script. In fact, clients often tell us how much they value our professional input. It's a great way to ensure we're all on the same page, the timing is right, & minimize revisions.

Can I send you a video that just needs titles and graphics added?

Yes! We can lay in lower thirds, simple motion graphics, animated text, custom titles, + end credits to elevate your video. And if you want to add music for a finishing touch, we can do that, too.

I grabbed a lot of audio from my video shoot, can you help with post?   

What about music & sound effects?

How do we get started?

Definitely! We have the tools & know-how to get under the hood, make edits, clean up any noise issues and give voices more clarity. We can add music that fits the vibe of your project, and even edit to footage if needed. Finally, we match audio levels for the full mix to keep your viewer from diving for the volume button. 

Glad you asked. We draw from an extensive library of licensed music and sound effects for projects we produce for our clients, all of which is cleared for use on any platform you choose. Our massive collection of sound effects includes foley and ambience, nature, sports, people, and everything in between. The top music genres in the world, + sound design that covers all the bases. 

Simply give us a call or schedule a 1:1 so we can talk about your project. If you have specifics, go ahead & have the details ready for us to discuss. If not, tell us what you're thinking, we're happy to spitball with you to help you decide if we're a good fit. 

What if I need a voiceover for my project? 

We have a solid network of first-rate voice talent. We'll help you pick the one that's the best fit for your project and in line with your budget. We direct talent to get the perfect read + capture alternate takes with different inflections to cover all the bases. 

Are you available to talk about my project before we get going?   

For sure! In fact, it's the best way to get started. We'll go over what you need, any questions you have for us, the overall feel you're looking for, as well as any budget requirements & deadlines you need to meet.

I have a series that needs an identifiable intro and outro. Do you do that?   

You bet! Branded opens, closes, bumpers, + sonic signatures really make a video or podcast series shine. They're a great way to promote episodes and add polish. We craft these powerful imaging elements to attract your audience, and reflect your unique energy and style. 

What's your turnaround time & how do I get my finished work? 

Our turnaround is based on your timeframe + the breadth of your project. We work with tight deadlines all the time and can proudly say we've never missed a single one. Most projects can be wrapped up on the same day. Once your job is complete, you can download your finished files from our secure FTP site - 24/7 for project deadlines and client approval. 

a la carte services 

get the ball rollinG →

One place with everything you need, from Audio & Video Production to Voicecasting to Scriptwriting. We're perfect for video producers, media pros, agencies, and small businesses that need studio-quality work for projects turned around fast. 

We're The Go-to Studio For Top-notch Ad Production You've Been Missing.