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Captivate your audience across screens with visual marketing that brings your brand to life.

There's a window of opportunity.

As consumers increasingly turn to web-based platforms to research and buy goods and services, more and more businesses are including video in their marketing strategy to meet their needs. 

Video is the most reliable and convincing way to tell your brand story.    

It creates a memorable experience for customers, builds trust and credibility with potential buyers, and encourages greater engagement and conversions for your business.

Video is among the most effective, 
consumer-friendly marketing tools
available to businesses today.

But creating high-quality, on-brand video content that not only connects with your viewers but inspires them to take action can be overwhelming and labor-intensive.

Here at LOYEL, we combine your unique vision with our video expertise to simplify the process and create content that helps you stand out from your competition, connect with your people, and grow your business.   

Ninety percent of consumers say video content helps them make buying decisions.


producing your video content

We're experts at creating content that connects with consumers.

At LOYEL, we offer a full range of video production services to help you keep pace with marketing trends and promote your business successfully in the marketplace.

From pre-production planning through post-production, we work with a team of media pros to ensure your video project sets your business apart and helps sell your products and services. 

Our Approach
Is Straightforward.

We help you capture and distill the spirit of your brand into powerful video content that you can use seamlessly across digital channels.

Your content is custom built to instantly reach a broader audience and promote your business more effectively than ever before. 

Your Brand Plus Our Process Is Where the Magic Happens


First, we work with you to plan a video strategy that will authentically reflect your brand and deliver on your goals.


Next, we capture any media necessary to produce your project, customized to your unique needs and budget.


Then, we pull all the elements together into audience-ready assets so you can immediately start sharing your brand with the world. 

deliver strong performance

EXPAND YOUR REACH with compelling content that can be scaled to any environment

INCREASE ENGAGEMENT by capturing attention and stopping the scroll

BOOST SEO and extend the discoverability of your brand 

DRIVE PROFITS and build up a strong position in the market. 





puT strategic video content in place to:

Nine out of ten people want to see more videos from brands and businesses. 

- hubspot

Comprehensive Video Packages Designed With Your Unique Needs In Mind.  


Whether you're just getting started with your video marketing or you're looking to grow your impact, we're here to support your vision and bring it to life. 

Up to one minute custom web video

1:1 Discovery, pre-production planning and script

Brand-specific concept messaging

Licensed stock footage, images, music, voiceover as needed

Pro audio, post-production editing, sound design, text and graphics as needed

Alt formats for social platforms

The easiest way to get started with video 

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Want to create impactful video content for your brand but looking to keep in lean and simple to start?

The Bootstrapper package pairs licensed stock footage, imagery, and audio with LOYEL's professional video production services to create a stunning visual representation of your business that's both affordable and impressive. 

Whether you're an upstart entrepreneur or an established business, it's a great alternative to more complex production and a perfect way to introduce video into your marketing mix.

We weave together your campaign's unique message with on-brand creative elements to produce a persuasive and inspiring visual narrative that exemplifies your brand and puts you at a competitive advantage. 

Why you'll love it:



Up to two-minute custom web video

1:1 Discovery, pre-production planning and script

Alt formats for social media

Licensed music, pro audio, post-production editing, sound design, text and graphics; and voiceover, as needed


Half-day shoot (5 hours) single full-sized camera, drone, audio, 1 camera man

Get ready to power up your content game.

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When it comes to brand campaigns and product launches, nothing gets your idea across quite as effectively as video can.  

The Promoter package was designed for business owners and marketers who are looking to amplify their message in a big way.

With the added benefit of a custom video shoot, you'll get engaging video content that captures the true essence of your brand, team, or product and brings you closer to your audience.

Use it across all of your marketing channels to create a cohesive brand that's easily recognized, attracts interest, and delivers higher engagement.



Why you'll love it:

3-5 minute custom branded video campaign

3 shorter videos with alt inserts and branded bumpers

1:1 Discovery, pre-production planning and scripts  

Licensed music, pro audio, post-production editing, sound design, text and graphics; and Signature Voicecasting as needed


Full-day shoot/2 man crew/2 cameras, drone, audio, teleprompter, additional equipment as needed 

A multimedia workhorse to set you up for long-term success.

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media mogul

All the content you'll need to raise the profile of your business across the board and then some—perfect for a multiplatform plan of attack.

Our Media Mogul package offers the ultimate flexibility for businesses that want to go all-in on their content strategy and boost their message across multiple environments. 

With more strategic content in play, you'll get more eyes and ears on your brand for extended periods and step up your market presence. 

We help you get the most out of your media content with a multimedia approach specifically designed for maximum impact and cross-promotion opportunities with staying power. 

Why you'll love it: 



One place with everything you need, from Audio & Video Production to Voicecasting to Scriptwriting. We're perfect for agencies, small businesses, and producers
that need studio-quality work for projects turned around fast. 

We're The Go-to Studio For Top-notch Ad Production You've Been Missing.

The perfect go-to guide to have on hand for every video campaign you launch for your business. Consider it your personal roadmap to help get ideas out of your head and on paper. You'll find everything you need to get started. 

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