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Award-winning, broadcast quality recording, mixing, & sound design. 

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It's a fact. Audio has been an important marketing tool for more than a century. Today, with the advent of new technologies, it carries even more weight. 

Audio is easy for consumers to use and allows them to engage with your content on their terms. Plus, it gives voice to your brand and establishes a genuine emotional connection with your audience. 

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We Know a Thing or Two About Crafting Audio Content that Connects with Your People 

Sound uses theater of the mind to tap into the listener's imagination. This cognitive processing engages listeners in a way that forges a connection and boosts audio's effectiveness. 

At LOYEL, we are adept at using audio's strengths to create powerful images in award-winning audio campaigns that make the most of these connections. 


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you can hear the difference 

We have a long history of creating broadcast quality sound for award-winning projects. From the day we started high quality sound has been our passion and at the heart of what we do.

We focus on clean, clear audio throughout the production process; from recording and mixing to the final steps in preparing your audio for the medium in which it will be heard.

When your audio is bad, that's what people will notice. When it's good, people will notice the message. 

audio services


Sound editing, mixing, and design for video and television. 

audio campaigns

Audio ads for podcasts, radio, and streaming services.


Podcast post production editing, sweetening and finalizing.



Make your business sound its best every time your customers engage with your business


Add audio content that engages your current customers and attracts new ones


Create innovative ways to help your customers find what they're looking for


Maximize the impact of your advertising campaigns.

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Weekly online audio listening is estimated at 176 million or 62% of the US 12+ population. 

- national public media

With our audio services


+ give voice to your brand

+ engage consumers in a way that suits them

+ reach consumers at any time, from anywhere

+ raise the overall impact of your project

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Professional, creative recording and mixing that make your projects shine 

One place with everything you need, from Audio & Video Production to Voicecasting to Scriptwriting. We're perfect for small businesses, agencies, and producers, that need studio-quality work for projects turned around fast. 

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