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Case in point, Know Thy Food: a highly successful brand campaign launch by Chef Mark Elliott to promote his flagship restaurant, Elliotts on Linden in Pinehurst, NC. The campaign celebrates farm-to-table eating and places Elliott at the forefront of the movement in the legendary resort village. Our mission? To adapt the print campaign for broadcast media. 

elliotts on linden

“It's that connection with the food, the farmer, the customer; understanding what you're eating and where it came from.”

- Chef Elliott

Know Thy Food is a campaign rooted in eating with the seasons and choosing foods produced by small, local farmers and artisans. Elliott’s early life in England sowed the seeds for his future passion. "I grew up in a close-knit village where the baker, butcher, fishmonger, and other artisans were weaved into the fabric of the community and vital to its success."

Elliott is a natural storyteller and speaks eloquently about his passion: “It’s that connection with the food, the farmer, the customer,” he says, “understanding what you’re eating and where it came from.” It was easy to see why he should tell the story.

We produced a timeless audio imaging campaign that gives voice to Elliott’s vision and the guiding principles behind his businesses, which include his flagship restaurant, an English gastropub, coffee shop, catering company, and provisions store.

The campaign reaches audiences at a deeper level, due in large part to Elliott’s authenticity and genuine enthusiasm for his mission. At the close of the ads, Elliott asks that we join him at his table to enjoy the pleasures of food less traveled; it’s a compelling invitation.

The broadcast advertising campaign consists of 60, 30, and 15-second ads along with five-and-10 second sponsorship bumpers. The campaign amplifies Elliott’s farm-to-table initiative and strengthens the brand.


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