Online Video Marketing: Here’s Why It’s No Longer Just for Big Business

Online video marketing is used by more brands to reach prospective customers than ever. It wasn’t that long ago that many businesses considered it impractical—something only big companies with large budgets could afford to have a hand in.

But technology moves fast, and online video marketing is much simpler to execute than before, making it a viable option for even the smallest business today.

Using online video to market your business isn’t out of reach and it doesn’t have to be all that complicated either.

You can start where you are and use it in simple, clear-cut ways to get in front of as many of your potential customers as possible. Then, show them what you offer, and convert those viewers into buyers.

All it takes is a little ingenuity and forethought to successfully use online video content for marketing your business.

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What is Online Video Marketing?

Online video marketing is simply strategically creating and using video content across the web to promote your business.

When it comes to compelling reasons for including it in your marketing game plan, online video ticks all the boxes.

For starters, video is highly effective for raising brand awareness, generating leads, increasing consumer engagement, and creating enthusiasm around your brand. And once you publish your video content online, it becomes easily searchable and shareable across the web—helping to boost your SEO.

More businesses are using online video to reach prospective customers than ever. Video is proving to be an effective and highly accessible marketing tool for brand awareness, lead generation, and online engagement.

In “The New Rules of Sales and Service,” author David Meerman Scott says, “Effective organizations take website visitors’ buying cycle into account when delivering content and organizing it on their site.”

Video can be used successfully throughout your website to:

  • Share your brand story
  • Showcase a product
  • Describe a concept
  • Generate a call to action.
Ninety percent say video helps with buying decisions

Using video that adds context alongside other elements on your website can enhance your visitors experience and keep them engaged with your content longer.

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According to Forbes, 90% of customers say online video helps them make buying decisions before making a purchase.

Online video can play a significant role in your continually evolving content marketing strategy. You can effectively use it to get your brand in front of more people, engage prospective buyers, and set your business apart from your competitors on the internet.

The Biggest Shift in Online Marketing is Video

It’s hard to ignore the ease and frequency with which consumers now access and use online video content.

Why is online video so popular?

Increases in broadband access, plus advances in mobile technology, have a lot to do with the rise in online video use and have been key to unlocking its full potential.

These factors allow consumers to watch more videos while paving the way for businesses to provide more content to their audience in the format they use most.

As a result, video is now more accessible to more people and comprises the majority of consumer internet traffic.

Higher bandwidths along with more and better viewing devices have made it possible for small businesses to now use video to stand apart from their competitors across digital channels.

We’re a Hyper-connected Society

There are billions of devices connected to a worldwide digital hub today. Even if you wanted to go low-tech, it is almost impossible.

According to a study from Deloitte, the average household in the United States today has at least seven devices in the home for viewing on-screen content.

Given that such a high number of these devices are close by and can deliver the information consumers look for in a matter of seconds, reaching your customers across screens is essential.

Small Screens; Big Opportunities

As more people have access to their own viewing devices, they are using them to consume all content—especially video—at an increasing rate.

Online video use today accounts for more than 80% percent of all mobile traffic.

And 62% of consumers say they prefer to watch video content on a smartphone or tablet.

Devices with larger screens are helping to boost this mobile video consumption.

More Brands Expand Online Video Use

Now that barriers to entry like affordability are a thing of the past, more small businesses are turning to video and seeing its high return on investment firsthand.

Jim Rohn quote

Many are increasing their use of video to help make a human connection with their audience and gain their trust.

They’re adding online video content that shows how their products or services solve real problems for their customers to build better relationships with their audience.

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Businesses with helpful information to share or a story to tell are better positioned for growth when using it.

Video provides an intimate, accessible way to reach your audience and get results. Iconic brands such as Filson turn to video to tell their story.

According to Filson’s Creative Director Alex Carlton “It’s about creatively showing and telling the stories that exist here.” Video provides a natural platform for storytelling and is among the most powerful and popular storytelling tools.

Rising Trends of Online Video Use Expected to Continue

Consumer online video use has been rapidly increasing and shows no signs of slowing down. The pandemic accelerated growth in video use that far outpaced the significant gains already expected.

The days when businesses coaxed consumers through an elaborate process where product information was shared closer to the end of the buying cycle are behind us.

Today, consumers do their research long before engaging a brand or business. And the tool they prefer and use most often for gathering information before making a purchase or other important decisions is online video.

As a result, in ways both big and small, businesses are going online, where there are more opportunities in the marketplace to get buyers’ attention. And they are providing relevant, timely, and helpful video content that wins over new customers.

So there you have it—a few updates on online video marketing that make it easier for small businesses to stay competitive in a predominately digital marketplace.

If you’d like to dive deeper, our article Video Marketing Strategy in Five Simple Steps will help you map out your online video marketing strategy. We include a FREE downloadable companion workbook that you can use alongside the article too.

Have questions or need some extra guidance to get started? Just reach out, and we’ll be glad to help.

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