6 Types of Video to Showcase Your Business

You can use many types of video to market your business successfully. In this article, we’ll look at the more popular types used in marketing today and talk about which types can deliver the most impact for your business.

For your marketing to reach its true potential, it’s essential to deliver your key messages to the right audience in the most compelling way. One of the more powerful and persuasive mediums you can use to accomplish this is video.

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Using video content for business marketing is becoming more common. There are good reasons for this. For one, consumers rank video as their favorite type of content. It naturally attracts consumers across screens of all sizes and keeps them engaged with your content longer, which improves your brand’s SEO (search engine optimization) ranking. The demand for video content is increasing, too.

Ninety percent of customers say video helps them make buying decisions, and 64% say that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy. (Forbes)

Good marketing videos take on many forms. Let’s look at a few of the more popular types that you can use to showcase your business.

Types of Video Used in Business Marketing


This type of video illustrates the way that your business solves a problem for your customers. It provides a broad explanation of the value that your products and services deliver. It also helps to establish rapport and build trust with your audience.


How-to-videos show how a product works or how it can be used but in a simple yet engaging way. They tend to follow steps in a logical order and answer an important question that your prospective customers have about products in your industry.


A promo video is a bit like a movie trailer for your business. It should get people excited about working with you. This type should be relatively short—say, under a minute. Quick edits and a forward-moving music track can help ramp up the impact of this type of video.


A well-made testimonial video may be one of the most valuable pieces of content you’ll make. It provides direct proof that your product is reliable and useful, including real-life customers that your audience can see, hear, and trust. Video can take your testimonial to a higher level.

Thought Leadership

To convey the history behind your company and the passion that drives its success, consider a thought leadership video. It’s a fun but also an insightful way to get the right messages across. Owners or leaders can establish expertise, share knowledge, and bring context and credibility to your company’s story.


A brand video can humanize your teams and build those all-important, personal connections with your customers. It often highlights your company’s culture to tell your brand’s story—and this can benefit both consumers and potential new employees.

A Word about Hybrid Videos

Each type of video can stand on its own, or you combine types to create what we call hybrid videos. For example, you could produce a thought leadership video that closes with a client testimonial. Or you could go for something else entirely.

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Strategically Planning Your Video

Once you’re familiar with the types of video that you can use, consider the different video styles. Do you prefer videos that feature real people? Perhaps an animated video can explain the story behind your business more effectively. Each has its strengths. Learn more about choosing a video style.

Choosing Between the Different Types of Video for Your Project

Because there are so many different types of video to choose from, it can be a challenge to identify which type is best to use on a particular project. Be open-minded in your approach to pre-production planning.

You’ll need a thorough understanding of your business, audience, and message. On each project, consider which type and style of video will help you deliver your message to your audience with the most impact.

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Understanding the types of video that are available to you and which type works best for your particular project will help to ensure that your video campaign is well on its way to becoming a success.

Quick Tips for Starting Your Video Project

Media Planning

From the outset, plan your video for the medium you’ll be using. Platform requirements can dictate the length, content, and format for your project.


Visualize your final product in advance of your shoot to prevent mishaps and costly delays. Outline the shots and assets you’ll need to keep your project on track.


Have a clear message that is unique to your business and relevant to your audience. A media copywriter can create persuasive and powerful copy.

Video Shoot

Take weather, clothing, props, noise, and interruptions that might undermine your shoot into account. Make adjustments accordingly.

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