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Give your projects the impact and credibility they deserve with LOYEL's Signature Voice Casting™ services

We've invested more than 20 years in building a solid network of first-rate voice talent. We book artists based on the best fit for your project and provide one-to-one dedicated support from casting to delivery.

The right voice. When you need it. How you need it.   

Our seasoned pros deliver intelligent, credible, attention-grabbing voiceovers that rise above the noise.

Our breadth of experience allows us to expertly cast artists based on the best fit for your project. Special dialects - not a problem - translations, we've got that, too. Sessions are arranged to satisfy your specific project goals, meet your precise deadlines and save you time. 

Consider it done!

“The results matter to us like they matter to you.”

We listen. That's why we personally direct talent through each recording session, making sure your message is delivered in the most effective way. We take care of auditions, booking, recording, and editing. 

LOYEL has long-standing relationships with the industry's best voiceover talent. Global connections with partner studios ensure you have access to premier talent, in line with your budget, when you need it. 

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voice talent casting,  booking & production 

We marry the right voiceover with dramatic music, intuitive sound design and imagery to give your message impact and credibility that resonates with your target audience. We've produced compelling, award-winning ads that stand toe-to-toe with any in the industry. Clients include Pfizer, First Bank, and Cummins Engines.

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Our Process

We help you select the voice that you want. Whether authoritative or conversational, you're covered with our roster of highly sought-after voice talent. 


We direct talent through each recording session to get the perfect read for your project. Our goal is to make sure your message is delivered in the most effective way.

When your project is completed, you can  download it instantly from our website. It’s secure, 24/7 access for project deadlines, client approval and media delivery. 



Once your voiceover talent is recorded, we produce your project from the ground up with intuitive sound and imagery that strikes a chord with your audience.

PLANNING & Scripting

Need help with planning and scripting your project before you book your talent? 

Our writers are experts at crafting content that converts. Whether you're launching a project for radio, television, online videos, or corporate narrations, we write specifically for the medium in which you intend to use it.


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